Less Than Zero

May 31, 2017

Based off the name of a Brett Easton Ellis book (and literally nothing else) our film this week is one that Robert Downey Jr. credits as the beginning of his spiral into drug addiction, "Less Than Zero". The film's only semblance of a protagonist Clay returns from his first semester of college to discover his best friend Julian has become a drug addict. Between the set up and the end we witness Clay relentlessly pursuing his former high school girlfriend and occasionally threatening Julian's drug dealer. Beyond that there is no other substance to this film. The characters are terrible people who are all self-interested, spoiled rich brats with literally no redeeming qualities. The entire film is basically one terrible plot device looped over a variety of SoCal settings. The most satisfying thing about this film is the fact that it eventually ends (I would say the music but you'd be better off putting on an 80's Pandora station and repeatedly whipping yourself in the legs with a yard stick). At least we had fun tearing yet another terrible film to shreds. Please save yourself the pain of watching this refuse and allow us to spoil it for you.


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