July 26, 2017

Hey Streaming Pile of Flix listener, do you love the podcast but don't find it to be as soul crushing as you would like? Do you wish you could hear us argue about gentically modified foods or the ethics of stem cell research and the logistics of growing meat on plants? Then look no further than this week's episode as we discuss the Netflix original "Okja". The Mirando Corporation (a fictional corporation bearing no similarity to any existing evil, soulless, heartless or despicable company which produces genetically modified products) claims to have discovered a new species of "super pig" which grows to an enormous size and will soon be available for mass consumption. Before introducing this new and fantastic meat product to the world they send twelve "super pigs" to various corners of the Earth to be raised by indigenous people in the region. Enter Mija, a young and adorable South Korean girl who raises her best friend "Okja" to be the biggest and strongest of the "super pigs"...only to have Okja dramatically ripped from her loving home to be sent to slaughter. Mija travels to New York City in a desperate bid to rescue her pig and return Okja to her home. While we all generally agree this is a good film it is certainly not recommended for those who are sensitive to animal rights issues as it will ruin your day. Hell, it will probably ruin your day anyhow presuming you have a soul. We spoil this film in the same way this film will likely spoil your desire to have a steak so please check out the film first.


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