Police Academy

August 4, 2017

While we're not exactly sure you could call it a classic this week's film is responsible for 7 sequels, Michael Winslow's career and countless Steve Guttenberg jokes. The premise of "Police Academy" is a flimsy one; the mayor of a major metropolitan area decides to open the police academy to recruits who are grossly unqualified...no doubt so hilarity could ensue. Much to our surprise this film does have a few laugh out loud moments despite all the 80's cheese and if you don't look too hard at all its faults comes away being an enjoyable experience. Given the number of 80's comedies that don't hold up so well in the modern era you could do a lot worse than take a nostalgia trip with this surprisingly diverse group of predictably schticky yet somehow oddly charming characters. There's not a lot of meat to serve up on a spoiler platter but we do talk about some of our favorite jokes in the film. If you want to preserve some of the more comedic moments it's probably best to come at the film fresh and give a listen afterwards.


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