Terminator Genisys

June 22, 2017

Ever since the second Terminator film Hollywood has been trying to recapture the same emotion, imagination and ingenuity. While they've never even come close before surely including a "Social Media" spin on the Skynet program, Nu-Metal spelling of said program "Genisys" and an old Schwarzenegger Terminator absolutely must have created the perfect mix of ill-thought out marketing elements to make the film spectacular right? Beyond that I'm certain everyone who grew up with and loved the first two Terminator films always wanted a modern take where they "reboot" the whole timeline and essentially erase the history of the only decent films the franchise ever produced right? Lastly, it would absolutely have to star one of the leads from the superb 2016 summer hit "Suicide Squad" to be any good at all right? To think that somewhere and at some point before this atrocity was created executives sat and listened to a team pitch these abortions masquerading as ideas and decided to proceed with the production might give one an aneurysm. After watching this film however, you will wish that you had an aneurysm. The podcast may spoil the so-called "story" but the people responsible for the Terminator franchise are the real spoilers...


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